El Quseir Diving

Peaceful El Quseir offers an authentic Egyptian experience and marine-rich waters. With abundant shore diving and access to one of the world’s best dive sites, Elphinstone, you can spot dugongs, mantas, sea turtles, reef sharks and hammerheads whilst you’re there.

Info We don't currently have any dive centers or liveaboards in El Quseir, but that might change. In the meantime, take a look at other dive experiences nearby in Red Sea Coast.

Diving in El Quseir

El Quseir is located on the coast of the Red Sea, with Hurghada lying to the North and Marsa Alam to the south, and this is an incredibly marine life rich part of the coast. The dive sites here are, for the large part, accessed by shore which allows scuba divers to enjoy the area above, and below the water. This is a remote, calm part of the coast where people come to have a relaxing time and have an authentic experience. Divers can see large reef tables, deep reef walls, exciting caves and caverns, and a dive site which was voted one of the best in the world. 

Best time to dive

Diving here is possible all year as the water temperatures stay within comfortable diving temperatures and the visibility is impressive throughout the year; always staying above 20 metres on average, and there are no extreme weather conditions which prevent diving. The weather is warm and so the water temperatures are warm, ranging between 22 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius.
When it comes to what you can see, the possible sightings of larger species go up a lot between May and November, with September being the best time to come and see sharks and Manta Rays.

Types of diving

The majority of diving offered this region by dive centres and dive resorts is done from shore and luckily there is more than enough things to see from those sites. There are a few sites offshore but due to it being a protected area there are limited mooring lines for boats.
Due to its large reef walls there are opportunities for drift diving at Elphinstone dive site, depending on where you are dropped with the boat. At Zereb Kebir there is the opportunity to dive in caves and caverns if you enjoy going through the marine life, not just above or beside it

What to see

There is something incredibly unique which can be spotted in El Quseir; sea cows (Dugongs). They roam in these areas and really fun to spot while diving. Aside from this unique species, there are also turtles, reef sharks and Barracudas in this area. Species which seek shelter in the thriving coral reefs include Pipe Fish, Nudibranchs, Crocodile Fish, the impressive Lion Fish,  the elusive Frog Fish and much more. At Zereb Kebir there is a local Eagle Ray which welcomes divers. 

Best places to dive

Elphinstone is a coral reef which stretches over 500 metres and has even been voted top 20 dive sites in the world, so considering the immense amount of dive sites, this really says something. The coral walls drops down 150 metres and are home to the best of the species the Red Sea has to offer and their predators, including hammerheads and white tip sharks, circling around in the blue. 
Zereb Kebir is a versatile dive site which provides divers with caves and caverns, white sandy stretches and a coral garden to explore. This is a wonderful dive site for more beginner divers who then still get to experience this part of the Red Sea in its full glory while still being within their certification depth. 
Soug Bohar is entered through a small canyon to start of the dive in an exciting way and leads you to a cluster of coral pinnacles which are covered in corals and surrounded by huge schools of GlassFish.