Hurghada Diving

One of Egypt’s top holiday resort and dive destinations with international flights arriving directly to its airport, Hurghada diving offers dramatic walls, pinnacles and large plateaus swathed in colorful corals. Discover classic Red Sea marine life below the water and surface to stunning desert landscapes.

El Gouna

A wreck diving hub, El Gouna offers easy access to the famous Abu Nuhas wrecks. With over 40 other offshore dive sites and thriving coral reefs, there’s something for all dive experience levels to enjoy.

Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay offers the best of both worlds, a relaxed, easy shore diving destination but with exciting offshore dives at impressive wrecks, deep walls and coral gardens. The waters are teeming with life, ranging from occasional whale shark sightings to vibrant schooling fish.


Diving in Hurghada

Once a quiet fishing village now turned into one of the top two diving destinations of Egypt; Hurghada is located on the western side of the Red Sea coast. Just as above water things are bustling here, so are the dive sites underwater as there is such a large variety of marine life to see here and be blown away by.  If you are here for daily diving then most dive centres go out with boats. A lot of dive centres here can be located within hotels so keep that in mind when booking accommodation.
Hurghada and its surroundings will offer divers a large variety of underwater experiences but almost all involve a rainbow collection of colours to stun divers and marine life of all shapes and sizes to discover in the gardens of corals at these dive sites. Keep your eyes peeled for species big and small on the coral walls, the coral plateaus and the coral pinnacles.

Best time to dive

Hurghada is located on the coast of the Red Sea, which is great news, as the Red Sea and its surrounding climate makes diving possible and pleasant year round. In this region, there are no weather conditions so extreme that it negatively affects diving. The water temperature ranges between 21 degrees Celsius and 28 degrees Celsius with the warmest month being September and the coldest month being February. Visibility usually remains great throughout the year with it ranging between 15 metres and 30 metres, on the best of the best days it can reach 60 metres. The best season, in regards to the least amount of crowds, is from June to August (do be prepared for hot weather though) and between December and March. 

Types of diving

Diving from Hurghada is mainly done by boat, this is either by multi-day liveaboard trips of by day boat. For this reason, there is a large choice of liveaboards which leave from the port here. From the day boat trips, all sorts of diving can be done on local reefs, it is a great location for dive courses, recreational diving and there are also many technical diving opportunities.
The dive sites, visited from the dive centers and dive resorts here, range from easy, but still impressive, for beginner divers with shallow dives to more challenging and deeper sites. However, don’t fret, there is something for everyone. Coral walls? Got it. Drift diving? Got it. Wreck dives? Absolutely. There are some really impressive wrecks here such as El Mina wreck, which is an exciting dive for recreational and technical divers alike. The marine life underwater here is incredibly alive and present which results in a lot of the dive sites being coral-rich and providing divers with breathtaking colors, shapes, sizes and all the marine life which comes with this flourishing ecosystem.

What to see

Hurghada in its entirety is made up of so many different dive areas and dive sites and they all provide something different and unique. Diving in El Gouna means there is a big chance that Sea Turtles, Moray Eels, Barracuda, Napoleon Wrasse, Crocodile Fish, and on fantastic days, dolphins. Sahl Hasheesh to the South has an array of reef species that you can spot during these dives including Nudibranchs, Stonefish, Scorpionfish, Seahorses, Octopus and Spanish Dancers. If you have the opportunity to visit Hurghada in March and April, then you will be able to spot Manta Rays as they come by during these months in Umm Gamar. White Tip reef sharks can also be spotted here.

Best places to dive

El Gouna’s hotels and compounds are located on the magnificent brown and beige shades of the desert sands which contrast beautifully with the crystal clear, turquoise and deep blue colours of the sea. This location offers dives in shallow waters which allows for picturesque views of the wide range of colours of corals and reef fish that reside here. There are so many exciting species to spot here including Sea Turtles, Napoleon Wrasse and even dolphins. 
Makadi Bay is located just 30 minutes from Hurghada and offers divers a relaxing atmosphere with sandy beaches and beautiful landscapes, while underwater, marine life is bustling. This area offers dive sites with spectacular coral pinnacles, immense schools of fish such as the Bannerfish and Barracuda, and large coral plateaus to explore. There is also the opportunity for drift dives and potentially spotting Eagle Rays.
Sahl Hasheesh is known to be more of a luxurious diving location. Off the coast, you will reach the dive sites by boat and these dives sites are thriving with corals of all shapes and sizes and every colour under the sun. They are home to an exciting collection of reef species including vibrant Nudibranchs, grumpy Stonefish, expertly camouflaged Scorpionfish, gorgeous Seahorses, sneaky Octopus and unique Spanish Dancers. On really lucky days Whitetip Reef Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks have been sighted in this area.
El Mina wreck is an Egyptian minesweeper wreck which sank in 1970 by Israeli war planes. The deepest point at which she lies is at 32 metres and is around 60-70 metres long which means this stunning wreck is accessible for recreational and technical divers. Divers are able to penetrate the wreck but need to be careful to not touch it but be prepared for an unforgettable experience. 
Umm Gamar is an isolated reef which has been created by a mountain. This dive spot offers impressive coral formations, a steep coral wall, caves and overhangs and large pelagic species which hunt on the smaller reef fish, so a lot of diversity to see in at this dive site. In February and March you can spot Manta Rays here and throughout the year White Tip Reef Sharks also make an appearance.
Giftun Kebir and Giftun Soraya, aka Large GIftun and Small GIftun, are two islands out in the Red Sea which are a perfect day diving expedition to admire what the Red Sea has to offer. Pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and vibrant, jungle-like underwater ecosystems.
Hurghada and its surrounding areas have so much more to offer including locations such as Abu Ramada, Al Aruk and more.


Open Water Diver prices range from €230-€420. See all Open Water Diver courses in Hurghada.

Advanced Open Water Diver prices range from €160-€345. See all Advanced Open Water Diver courses in Hurghada.

You can obtain your Open Water Diver in El Gouna.

You can obtain your Advanced Open Water Diver in El Gouna.