Busuanga Island Diving

In the Calamian archipelago, descend onto the numerous wrecks accessed from Busuanga Island, suitable for everyone, from the novice to technical divers. Enter tunnels to find yourself in caves lit only by the sun's rays escaping through cracks in the ceiling, and watch as dugongs search shallow seabeds for their next meal.


Diving in Busuanga Island

Busuanga Island is the largest island in the Calamian archipelago in the province of Palawan. Located in the Mimaropa region of the Philippines, Busuanga Island diving is known for the Japanese World War II wrecks that lie resting on the seafloor of Coron Bay. The calm waters surrounding Busuanga are ideal for feeding dugongs that thrive in the feeding stations shallow water.

There are a number of dive resorts on Busuanga Island and various dive centres located within these resorts. Scuba diving in Busuanga Island is ideal to take wreck speciality dive courses or those that are wishing to discover more of Palawan can delve in through liveaboards.

Best time to dive

Busuanga Island diving is possible all-year-round yet, some wrecks are better to dive in some months than others. Akitsushima Wreck is best visited from January until June when the waters are calmer and the visibility at its best. Generally, the conditions are calm with minimal current but sometimes conditions can be choppier. Water is warm throughout the year but November to February are the coldest months.

Types of diving

If you are a wreck enthusiast, then scuba diving in Busuanga Island is the right place to be. Novice to tech divers can descend down between 5 to 40-metres in the waters of Coron Bay to uncover treasures from the past. Ekkai Maru, Terukaze Maru, and Irako are only some of the incredible wrecks found in the area.

Aside from wreck dives, there are flourishing coral gardens. Coral Garden dive site, is a protected area with calm waters while Cathedral Cave offers a unique opportunity for some cave diving.

What to see

As divers descend into the shadows of the wrecks of Coron Bay, they may be delighted to find themselves surrounded by huge schools of barracuda, grouper and yellowfin tuna. Encrusted on surfaces are large lettuce corals, tunicates and clams with scorpionfish resting nearby in sheltered areas.

Large shoals of fusilier, snappers, and batfish congregate around the long-lost trucks, planes, and ships. In the calm shallow areas of Busuanga Island, dugongs come to feed on algae and seagrass much to the fascination of observing divers.

Best places to dive

Kyokuzan Maru is a must-see wreck while scuba diving in Busuanga Island. In the freighter's cargo room, Japanese cars and trucks can be found providing shelter to fusilier, trevallies, barracuda and rays. Delve into Taiei Maru if you have some experience wreck diving and admire the coral-encrusted remains or visit Akitsushima Wreck to enter the plane's engine room and witness the intact aircraft guns.

If you have had your fill of the area’s wrecks, adventure into Cathedral Cave, a short boat ride from Busuanga. Venture through a narrow tunnel to witness the sun's rays filtering through the holes in the cave’s ceiling.