Pahang Diving

Pahang is the serene, scenic gateway to some fantastic diving in Malaysia. Off the coast of Pahang there are multiple islands which are surrounded by flourishing reefs and many marine species. Whether it’s muck diving, colourful reefs, macro species or large marine species, with the many dive sites here, all types of divers will have a great diving experience here.


Diving in Pahang

Pahang in a large state in Peninsular Malaysia which is mostly known for being a triple threat due to it having beautiful mountains and rainforests, white sandy beaches and very impressive marine ecosystems. Two of the main areas visited to go diving, aside from the coast of Pahang itself, are Tioman Island and Pulau Tenggol. There are a number of dive centres on the coast of Pahang, but there are also dive centres and dive resorts on Tioman Island.

Diving along the coast of Pahang is mostly muck diving due to low visibility, but it still harbours coral reefs, many marine species and is a dream for macro lovers. Diving around the islands involves many vibrant colours, thrilling wrecks and a high density of marine species to admire. Water temperatures and visibility are great throughout the year, ranging between 27 and 32 degrees Celsius and the visibility around 10 to 25 metres. Diving can be done comfortably 8 months of the year, from March to October as the other months are monsoon season. Divers can spot species ranging from the endearing Nudibranchs up to the graceful, Whale Sharks on the luckiest days. The combination of the pleasant diving conditions, the dazzling scenery and the high density of marine life make diving here a beautiful experience in all of its aspects. 

Best places to dive

The coast of Pahang is mostly enjoyed through muck diving This may not be every divers cup of tea but there are so many benefits of muck diving mainly that there are species which are not often spotted on other dives, and due to the high nutrition of the water, there are a lot of macro reef species which are a dream for macro underwater photographers. 

Tioman Island is the largest island off the coast of Pahang and is among some of the best diving in this region. The island provides divers with over 25 dive sites all with different elements to keep divers excited and impressed after every dive. This whole region is known for the high abundance of marine life and that's definitely the case here. DIvers can enjoy these species which have taken up habitat in the vibrant reefs, the large coral pinnacles and the many swim throughs here. 

Pulau Tenggol is a tiny island off the coast of Pahang and is still largely unknown to the public, meaning its nature, above and below the water, is still in pristine condition and made of a high abundance of many species. This serene island provides divers with a calm diving experience in shimmering waters over and around coral reefs and through clouds of colourful fish. There are wrecks, rock formations, sloping coral walls and thrilling drift dives. Keep an eye out in the blue for schools of pelagics and for the chance of spotting a Leopard Shark or Whale Shark. 

Other places to dive in Malaysia