East Nusa Tenggara Diving

Consisting of more than 500 islands, East Nusa Tenggara offers an incredible array of Indonesia’s best dive areas and sites, including Komodo National Park.  Whether you prefer fast-paced current dives and negative entries on seamounts or easy coral reefs, you can discover endless macro life and marine megafauna you’ll never forget.


Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its dragons and rare pink sand beach. Komodo truly lives up to its reputation as a world-class dive destination. Experience thrilling drift dives, coral-covered sea mounts, plenty of pelagic action and the chance to swim with huge Mola mola.


Diving in East Nusa Tenggara

In the Lesser Sunda Islands lies East Nusa Tenggara, which consists of more than 500 islands stretching from Komodo all the way to West Timor. While scuba diving in East Nusa Tenggara you’ll find many areas have limited dive resorts and dive centres. Yet Labuan Bajo, the gateway to Komodo National Park has many and dive courses are a popular option there. To experience East Nusa Tenggara diving to the full, liveaboards run year-round visiting dive sites unknown to daily trip boats.
The islands of Flores to Alor are volcanic, creating excellent conditions for species-rich marine ecosystems while Sumba, Savu, Roti and West Timor are uplifted coral limestone. This makes East Nusa Tenggara diving intoxicating as you are thrilled with the prospect of discovering rare marine life and dive sites with diverse topography.
In Flores, you can drift in challenging currents among manta rays at pinnacles, walls and deep drop-offs or head to Maumere in search of an endless list of macro life. Alor and its surrounding islands, Lembata and Pantar, offer negative entries onto seamounts while the option of diving calm coral reefs is always available. The Savu Islands are declared a marine park, providing the chance to dive with whales, dolphins, dugongs while Rote is an untouched frontier with only one dive resort to choose from.

Best places to dive

In Flores, head out into southern Komodo National Park to witness the magic of mantas dancing. At the lee area of this rocky islet you can spot a number of juvenile mantas getting used to their wings. If you prefer the small stuff, visit Maumere and dive at the Zubinarius dive site. You’ll spot shaggy frogfish, seahorses, coconut octopus, small pipefish and an array of brilliantly coloured nudibranch all resting upon the sandy bottom.
Brave the fluctuating currents at Kal’s Dream in Alor to witness Napoleon wrasse, giant trevallies and reef sharks as yellow-spotted scorpionfish hide between the branches of acropora corals. Corals are carpeted thick at the base of the pinnacle shying away from the stronger currents at the surface. Nearby at Pantar, dive a slope teeming with marine life. Hundreds of anthias, butterflyfish and damselfish flit around as groups of long jawed mackerels and bluefin trevallies pass by in the blue.
Diving in West Timor will find you in muck dives searching for mandarin fish and sea moths or shadowed by towering walls spotting reef sharks. West Timor is home to the Cave City dive site. Here, a long wall features several small caves where you can search for unusual creatures among schools of harbouring fish.