Bali Province Diving

Bali Province offers world-class macro diving and thrilling pelagic encounters, this is truly a diver’s paradise. Witness huge groups of feeding manta rays, hammerhead sharks and if you're lucky, the elusive mola mola. Or just relax diving one of Bali’s flourishing soft coral reefs full of marine life.


The Island of the Gods, Bali’s array of dive sites are a diver’s dream; offering vibrant coral reefs, WWII wrecks, schooling pelagics, world-class muck dives and options for Tec divers. With marine life highlights including huge Mola mola, tiny macro treasures and rare sharks, Bali is simply unmissable. 


Diving in Bali Province

The Island of the Gods, Bali, and nearby Nusa Islands are famous for stunning beaches, rich culture, and world-class dive sites. The dive spots, scattered around Bali and the sister islands, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan have diverse topography and marine life. Everything from manta rays, oceanic sunfish, hammerhead sharks to giant frogfish and nudibranch can be witnessed while scuba diving in Bali Province.
From Bali’s tourist hub, in Seminyak, dive centres offer day trips further afield while nearby Nusa Dua is an excellent place for novice divers to partake in dive courses. In northwest Bali, dive the protected marine park of Menjangan Island with calm wall dives or hunt for macro critters in the muck dive sites at Secret Bay before heading to Lovina to witness dolphins.
In Tulamben, there is world-class wreck diving, at the Liberty Wreck while at Candi Dasa there’s the chance to dive among hammerhead sharks in unpredictable currents. Avid muck divers can head to Amed where the calm and shallow waters are perfect for macro photography and beginners. At Padang Bai, it’s possible to see the otherworldy mola mola while a boat trip to the Nusa Islands offers divers the best chance to see both the majestic manta ray and oceanic sunfish.
Choose from the wide range of dive centres and dive resorts that offer Bali Province diving or hop on one of the visiting liveaboards and witness all of the beautiful dive locations.

Best places to dive

The small fishing village of Tulamben is home to one of Bali’s most popular dive sites. Sitting on a black sand seabed lies the 120-metre USAT Liberty Wreck. Available to divers of all levels, witness large schools of fish and the incredible macro life sheltering on the ship.
Journey to Nusa Penida to witness large squadrons of manta ray feeding in the phytoplankton rich waters of the Manta Point dive site. Also at Nusa Penida, Crystal Bay provides the perfect opportunity to spot the oceanic sunfish. With crystal clear water, see the mola mola basking in the cool water from June until October. Frogfish, mantis shrimp and nudibranch can also be spotted sheltering in the reef.
Padang Bai, the gateway to the Nusa Islands and Gili’s, has a dive site perfectly suited for novice divers. In Blue Lagoon dive site, a wide variety of marine life can be found, from frogfish, moray eel and stonefish to squids and blue-spotted stingrays. Relax in the calm conditions and admire the beauty of the underwater world.
At Gili Tepekong and Gili Mimpang, experience scuba diving in high contrast to that at Blue Lagoon. In strong, often unpredictable, currents dive among beautiful rock formations covered with flourishing soft corals. Due to the conditions, these dive sites are ideal for spotting hammerhead sharks and mola mola - a definite winner.