Southeast Asia Diving

Hosting unparalleled biodiversity, Southeast Asia has everything from treasured macro critters and vibrant reef life to huge pelagics including abundant rays and sharks.


Discover pristine reefs, pinnacles, walls and world-famous islands where marine conservation comes first and the marine life is second to none.  From enormous schools of pelagic fish, hammerheads, whale sharks and mantas to abundant macro treasures and nesting sea turtles, Malaysia seemingly has it all.


With spectacular Coral Triangle biodiversity and diverse diving, Indonesia has something for every diver. From thrilling current dives to easy reefs, you’ll be immersed in a world of mantas, whale sharks and vibrant macro critters.


Swathes of white sand beaches, undiscovered dive sites and few divers make Myanmar one of the world’s best hidden diving gems. Drift over colourful reefs hosting an array of macro treasures and shoaling pelagics, or dive wild Burma Banks’underwater mountains tops busy with mantas, whale sharks and innumerable mobula rays. 


As well as having the world’s only thresher shark dive, the Philippines is famed for its enormous shoals of sardines, for having the world’s longest continuous coral reef and Coron; a true wreck diving mecca. Wherever you look there are huge schools of fish, pelagic action and abundant macro treasures to find.


Having just the perfect conditions for diving, a diverse assortment of marine life and a culture for fine hospitality Thailand has become a magnet for all divers from complete beginners to seasoned travellers.


Diving in South East Asia

An absolute hub of marine activity, Southeast Asia is home to many top diving destinations where it's possible to find calm, quiet reefs perfect for dive courses on one end of an island and thrilling drift and deep dives on the other. The marine life in this continent is too vast to list but some of the highlights include Mantas, Whalesharks, Dugongs and Thresher sharks. The variety of coral and macro is also a dream for keen photographers who will find many dive centers in macro areas have underwater photography courses on offer to help you get that perfect shot.

The South-East Asia continent covers a significant part of the coral triangle, an area known to have the greatest marine biodiversity in the world and 76% of its coral species. Southeast Asia also boasts a diversity of diving travel as well with numerous dive centers and resorts found along the coastlines and in the major cities and a wide variety of diving liveaboards as well. You can be sure to find a range of dive resorts and liveaboards to suit every budget and taste in South East Asia.

Best places to dive

Raja Ampat in Indonesia is a collection of islands and islets which are known for being home to some of the greatest marine diversity in the world. Many of the smaller of the 60 islets are caked with corals, giving Raja Ampat the impressive figure of 75% of the world’s coral species. The main islands of Misool, Waigeo, Batanta and Salawati (the four kings) are home to several dive resorts, everything from high end luxury to backpacker budget homestays. This is also a fantastic area for diving liveaboards whether you are looking for a modern yacht or a traditional wooden Phinisi there are many available to take you to the islets and islands further afield.

The Similan Islands to the North of Phuket, Thailand are well loved by divers from around the world. The areas islands enjoy a rich selection of marine life including beautiful coral reefs and the chance to see whalesharks, mantas and reef sharks, often in 30 meters plus visibility. Reaching the Similan Islands is possible through one of the dive centers in Khao Lak by speedboat, for those who prefer a day trip. A liveaboard is, however, also a great way to see several of the sites or areas in Thailand with a range of budget and luxury options available.

Myanmar's Burma Banks is likely the most famous dive area in the Mergui Archipelago. The underwater mountain with its strong currents is ideal for encountering whalesharks and mantas as well as migrating shoals of Mobula rays. The islands are also home to a number of other excellent sites such as Shark Cave which is simply bursting with life and Black Rock another current rich site with sharks and rays abound. The islands are only accessible by diving liveaboard which can be found at the many dive centers in Phuket or Khao Lak.

A wreck diver’s dream is Coron Bay in the Philippines which is home to a group of sunken Japanese war and supply ships sunk during World War II. There are a number of dive centers and resorts along the edges of the bay which can take divers out to visit these beautifully preserved wrecks.