Isla Fuerte Ecolodge & Diving Center

Ensenada del bajo, Isla Fuerte. Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, Caribbean Region, Colombia

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  • More than a conventional resort, ISLA FUERTE ECOLODGE & DIVE CENTER offer visitors the experience of coming into contact with nature and the underwater life, leaving at them a lasting mark.
  • Diving is our specialty for more than 30 continuous work years. 16 square kilometers of coral reefs make up the island platform of Isla Fuerte. with more than 30 places to scuba or free dive.
  • At ISLA FUERTE ECOLODGE & DIVIE CENTER you will find a place where service and infrastructure complement each other to provide you with an ideal, friendly, comfortable and safe experience.
  • Among palm trees, the rooms designed with parameters of bio-climatic architecture rise, whose materials and construction system respect the island environment.

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About Isla Fuerte Ecolodge & Diving Center

Since 1999 we have been platinum dive center affiliated at the most prestigious international agencies like NAUI and DAN. Today, from 2020 we are Scuba and Free diving Training Center SSI. Two 25-foot boats, specially designed for the practice of this activity, equipped with two 40 HP outboard motors, electronic navigation systems, sonar, marine vhf radios, first aid kit, oxygen equipment, spare diving equipment and tent; They provide all the comfort and security for sea transfers and dive sites.

Two Bahuer compressors, K-14 and Capitano, provide the filling of the 60 tanks of 80 cubic feet that make up our battery of equipment along with 24 Scuba equipment of excellent brand and maintenance.

FULL FACE MASK underwater communication equipment provides a new dimension to diving, by being able to communicate with our instructors and boat crews. DIVER BELOW BUOYS and DIVE ALERT whistles are included in the safety equipment for our divers in open water dives.

With us you would find all scuba and freediving certifications levels from Try Scuba to Divemaster.

Some diving places


Prof max of Diving. 100 ft. Three square kilometers of surface, under a crystalline sea, offer us a range of dive sites; from cliffs that are lost in the depths to coral labyrinths in whose journey we are always accompanied by schools of barracudas, júreles and branches.


Prof max of diving. 100 ft. An underwater mud volcano colonized by black coral

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  • Charging station 110V

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  • Nitrox
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Diving cylinders

  • Yoke/Int Tanks
  • Aluminium tanks
  • 80 cft tanks


  • AED
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Our Staff

Juan Carlos Tobon
Juan Carlos Tobon

Manager, Chief instructor, Ownner

Natalia Ospina
Natalia Ospina

Dive Master

Pablo Velasquez
Pablo Velasquez

Dive Master

Carlos mario Jaramillo
Carlos mario Jaramillo


Heidy Rivera
Heidy Rivera

administrative assistant

Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez

Operative Manager

Jeissan Barrios
Jeissan Barrios

Chief Chef

Anibal Paredes
Anibal Paredes

Chief pilots

Arnaldo Bravo
Arnaldo Bravo


Martha Coa
Martha Coa


Aura Alvis
Aura Alvis


Pedro Perez
Pedro Perez

Affiliated Instructor

Juan Gabriel Suarez
Juan Gabriel Suarez

Affiliated Instructor

Eugenio Salazar
Eugenio Salazar

Affiliated Instructor

More Information

Land Activities
Starting from our Ecolodge you can tour the island on foot or by mountain bike; an unforgettable experience of contact with nature.
The tropical dry forest is the predominant ecosystem that alternates with the graceful coconut plantations and the mangrove swamps located at the northern and southern ends of the Island.
On the trails that run through the island, you will find the ancient trees that are the habitat of various species of local and migratory birds, mammals and reptiles that you will get to know from the hand of the young people who receive their training as ecotourism guides at the Isla Fuerte educational institution.
Water activities
A small device that pretends to be an underwater plane that, towed by a boat at low speed, moves three people through the nearby reefs, allowing them to "fly" through the world of fish and coral.
In a kayak for two people it is possible to find another dimension of the sea. Slowly without noise or effort we can move on the surface of the sea knowing the perimeter of the island, its vegetation, the bird colonies and the shallow reefs.
In the summer, the trade winds from the north, shape the ideal waves for those who love to slide on them.
The dream of riding the waves without more help than that of a board and a sail, is not exclusive to few places in the world. Here you can make that dream come true with expert instructors and the necessary equipment.
Where is it, how do you get there?
ISLA FUERTE is located south of the Gulf of Morrosquillo, at a distance of 11 km from the mainland, it is part of the chain of islands made up of the islands of Rosario, San Bernardo and Tortuguilla. It is reached by air to the cities of Montería (domestic flights) and Cartagena de Indias (international flights) or by land to the city of Montería from the interior of the country.From Cartagena or Montería by road to the city of Lorica, from there turn off to San Bernardo del Viento, and on the road that goes from San Bernardo to Moñitos, 15 kilometers away you will find the entrance, on your right hand side, to Paso Nuevo.Maritime transfers
The transfer from the mainland to the island is limited by the Harbor Master's Office between 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Therefore, this provision must be taken into account to make arrival and departure air reservations. To avoid problems, it is recommended to make air reservations for arrival to the city of Montería only on morning flights and the respective return on afternoon flights.
Guest reception hours in Paso Nuevo.
Our boats, the only legally registered and properly equipped boats in the area, provide this service, under reservation of the guests, at the following arrival and departure times:
Arrival reception time in Paso Nuevo 12:00 p.m.
Departure time from the island 11:00 a.m.
Keep these times in mind to schedule your arrival and departure from Paso Nuevo.