Oceania Diving

Islands of all shapes and sizes scattered throughout the South Pacific Ocean, surrounded by some of the most flourishing waters in the world and some unique underwater spectacles. Pristine waters, wrecks, hundreds of sharks, and some of the largest reefs in the world, it’s time to dive into the beauty that is Oceania. 


The vast country of Australia is famed for its outdoor lifestyle and excellent scuba diving. There is a wide variety of diving found here - cage diving with great whites in Port Lincoln, swimming with whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef or sailing the idyllic Whitsundays, there is something to suit everyone.


Fiji, the soft coral capital of the world, will make your eyes pop with its rainbow-coloured reefs, endless beaches and diverse dive opportunities. Discover reefs teeming with macro life and fish, world-famous deep walls swathed in purple and white corals, abundant mantas, whale sharks and more.

French Polynesia

A remote island paradise known for having ‘walls of grey reef sharks’ and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve diving, French Polynesia’s unspoilt dive spots are idyllic. Go there for easy lagoon dives, exciting deep dives and encounters with friendly stingrays, mantas, abundant sharks and humpback whales.


Micronesia’s lush islands and clear waters host an array of WWII wrecks, thriving reefs, critters and pelagics, making diving there sheer paradise. Visit the bucket list destination of Palau to discover sparkling Chandelier Caves and numerous mantas, swim with millions of harmless jellyfish or go wall diving at world-famous Peleliu Cut.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea sits firmly at the top of many divers’ bucket lists due to the rich fauna, WWII wrecks and virgin coral reefs. Named by some as the wild west of diving - for its remoteness, rugged terrain and pristine sites, it is still a secret for the adventurous few. 

Solomon Islands

With the second-highest coral diversity in the world, the Solomon Islands have 485 different species of coral for divers to observe. Among WWII wrecks, caves, steep walls, and current-swept passages host an array of marine life, from manta rays, hammerhead shark, and pygmy seahorse. 


Diving in Oceania

Some may say that Oceania is ‘at the end of the earth’ and far away from the rest of the world, but aside from the stunning landscapes, there is so much to be explored underwater here and some of the areas are the epitome of underwater beauty.

This continent is spread throughout the Pacific Ocean and varies from the largest island in the world; Australia, to the tiny islands of French Polynesia which lie completely alone in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Some of these areas are the picturesque turquoise waters, white sandy beaches with all the colours of the rainbow beneath the waters, and others have the thrilling dives including impressive wrecks, the deepest point in the pacific ocean at the Java Trench and the best spot in the world to dive with sharks, in Fiji. There is a big variety in how these dive sites can be reached, liveaboards are popular in this area, but there are also dive centres and dive resorts everywhere because it is such a popular diving destination. Oceania caters to all divers, and has something which will excite everyone, no matter what the goal of their diving holiday may be. There are many locations which are ideal for dive courses due to the great conditions. 

Best places to dive

When people think about diving in Australia, the first thought is usually the Great Barrier Reef; one of the largest reefs in the world located off the East Coast, however, there is a lot of ocean surrounding Australia and luckily there is so much more on offer. Explore the SS Yongola wreck off the coast from Townsville and take a dive into history as this ship sunk in 1911! Visit Australia’s second largest reef off the west coast, Ningaloo Reef, where there are Whale Sharks to spot. Way off the coast of West Australia is the remote and spectacular Christmas Island, aside from the impressive and pristine coral reefs here, divers can also visit the Indian Ocean’s deepest point; the Java Trench, and experience depths like never before. 

New Zealand is a country with stunning landscapes above, and below, the water. The north island provides some unique sites including where divers will be surrounded by thousands of Maomao and active volcano island which attracts a lot of tropical fish and a shipwreck which was sunk to create an artificial reef.! The South Island is a mix of wrecks, fjord diving with impressive visibility, the chance to see Sperm Whales and Dolphins and some stunning corals. 

Fiji is, in all honesty, a dream diving destination. It combines some of the most colourful and pristine soft coral reefs with being one of the best places in the world to spot many different species of sharks in the world. What makes it even better is that divers can dive here year round, with the water temperatures ranging between 23 and 29 degrees Celsius. This is the aquarium of the world. If divers want to be blown away by colours, the sheer number of schools of fish, vibrant life, or be gobsmacked by the majestic sharks and come closer to them than ever, this is the place to go. 

Micronesia is a  picturesque combination of lush green islands surrounded by crystal clear waters of every shade of blue imaginable. There is something here for everyone, there is a lagoon scattered in some of the most impressive wrecks in the world, there are flourishing reefs, there is a lake filled with millions of non stinging Jellyfish and there are even dive sites with a high density of sharks, it doesn’t get much better than this. 

French Polynesia is usually described as paradise, and it is a pretty accurate description. Every photoshopped photo of extremely colourful reefs, turquoise waters and white beaches is the reality here. Aside from having every colour of the rainbow below its surface, there are also Reef Sharks to spot in many areas in addition to many more things with which another 5 pages could be written.