Playa de las Americas Diving

Scuba diving from Playa de las Americas will find divers surrounded by impressive basalt rock formations featuring caves and arches as well as several wrecks. Learn to dive in calm bays or venture deeper to see what lurks below the 30-metre mark.


Diving in Playa de las Americas

Near Tenerife’s southwestern tip, the resort town of Playa de las Americas is located. There are six stunning beaches with several accessible by divers who want to explore Tenerife’s impressive volcanic rock formations, from caves and arches to rocky reefs. Over the decades, the Canary Islands largest island has seen plenty of shipwrecks, with some now resting in the seabed surrounding Playa de las Americas. 

There are plenty of dive centres and dive resorts in Playa de las Americas, many of which offer dive courses at calm dive sites.

Best time to dive

Tenerife is the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands and offers an eternal spring. The water temperature oscillates between 18ā„ƒ in winter while summer sees an average water temperature of 24ā„ƒ. Scuba diving in Playa de las Americas is best between April and October when the water temperature is at its most comfortable.

Types of diving

Beginner divers can train in sheltered bays such as Abades Beach while more experienced divers can head deeper into dives with pinnacles, caves, and tantalising drop-offs. Several wrecks can be found in the waters of Playa de las Americas, from the wreck of Condesito to the wreck of Tabaiba which is the ideal location for wreck speciality dive courses. No matter what certification you are, there will be a suitable dive site on Tenerife.

What to see

Playa de las Americas diving will invite divers to marvel at large families of green turtles, witness the unique benthic behaviour of the angel shark, and spot moray eels in the cracks and crevasses of the areas volcanic rock formations. Rays, large schools of roncadores, octopus, arrow crabs, and scorpionfish are found at many of the dive sites. Ensure to keep an eye out into the blue in case a resident pilot whale or bottlenose dolphin makes an appearance.

Best places to dive

The Rays - Los Chuchos - is a favourite among divers. Both the common stingray and the Atlantic ray are seen majestically gliding past.

Los Arcos has a series of volcanic arches to swim through - the largest is 26-metres high and has a small memorial to Jaques Cousteau.

The Condesito shipwreck sits 9-18 metres deep and is inhabited by many trumpetfish, bream and cuttlefish while Roncadores del Faro is suitable for everyone, from snorkelers to deep divers. Here, outstanding basalt rock formations have created fun swim-throughs surrounded by large schools of barracuda, trumpet fish and Canarian lobsters.