Bugibba Diving

Crystal clear waters, a variety of exciting marine species and underwater topography and an exciting, lively village; Bugibba caters to so many different types of divers and has so many types of diving to be enjoyed. 


Diving in Bugibba

Bugibba is located in the northern region of the island of Malta which lies in the Mediterranean Sea. This small village is extremely lively with many activities to be done above, as well as below, the water. There are a handful of dive centres located in this village which take divers to the best diving spots around this region. The Mediterranean waters mean good visibility, easy diving conditions and a vast array of things to see such as marine life, unique topography and flourishing reefs. No matter the level of divers, there is so much to see for everyone while enjoying great conditions. 

Best time to dive

Malta definitely has four seasons, but luckily the summer is much longer than winter meaning more months of warm waters. From May to October, the water temperatures are above 20 degrees Celsius, with 27 degrees Celsius being the maximum in August and 13 degrees Celsius in January being the minimum. The air temperatures range between 10 degrees Celsius in winter and 30 degrees Celsius in the summer. The visibility here is fantastic, ranging between 20 and 40 metres! 

Types of diving

Even in this small bay area, there are multiple types of diving to be done which will provide different types of diving experiences. There is a secluded bay area for diving courses and night dives at the Sirens, there are reef dives which hold an array of marine life, there are rock formations and drop offs, drift dives at the St Paul’s Islands Reefs and even a shallow shipwreck; the H.M.S. Kingston. 

What to see

The Mediterranean waters here house a large amount of different marine species from Hard and Soft Corals, Bath Sponge and Sea Squirts to critters such as Sea Urchins, colourful Nudibranchs, Moray Eels, Octopus, and Starfish, to fish species such as Barracuda, Tuna,  Amberjacks and Scorpion Fish with big schools of colourful reef fish including Damselfish, Parrotfish, Wrasse, Bream and so much more. The waters here are definitely filled with a colourful array of species combined with clear waters for a stunning dive experience. 

Best places to dive

St Paul's Island Outer Reef is located around 100 metres off the coast of St Paul’s and it’s made up of two islands and the outer reef starts at 4 metres and drops down to 25 metres via multiple drops. This dive site features a car wreck, rock formations and a vast amount of marine life while drifting along with the possible strong currents. 

St Paul's Island Inner Reef is the more relaxing dive, with a lack of currents and still being able to admire the thriving reef, interesting rock formations and selection of marine life. 

Sirens is the protected bay dive site which is used mainly for dive courses and night dives, it has a sandy bottom and is scattered with boulders which inhabit many smaller marine species. 


The top dive centers are the Abyss Diving Club, Dive on Malta and Divers Code.

Advanced Open Water Diver prices range from €250-€285. See all Advanced Open Water Diver courses in Bugibba.

Discover Scuba Diving prices range from €75-€85. See all Discover Scuba Diving courses in Bugibba.

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