Gozo Diving

Diving around the island of Gozo in the Mediterranean Sea means divers are signing up for an exciting underwater adventure. The dive sites here all hold an element of thrill whether it be in the shape of shipwrecks, deep caves, steep drop offs, arches or a Blue Hole. 


Diving in Gozo

Gozo is one of the 21 islands which make up the Maltese Archipelago and lies just north of the island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. This island is known for its rich history above water, and stunning dive sites underwater. There are many dive centres and dive resorts on this island who have experienced staff to take divers to the best dive sites depending on the conditions on that day and depending on their level of diving, but there is always bound to be a top diving site accessible to be admired. Luckily there are dive sites which cater to divers of all levels and of all interests. From deep shipwrecks to shallow shipwrecks, some spectacular caves, drop offs, swim throughs, arches and reef structures. This is also an ideal diving location to take an assortment of different dive courses, from Open Water to wreck speciality to technical diving courses. Technical diving here is quite popular as there are numerous deep wrecks, past the recreational limits which will definitely make for a memorable dive. 

Gozo definitely has four seasons, with air temperatures ranging between 10 degrees Celsius in winter and 30 degrees Celsius in the summer and water temperatures ranging between 27 degrees Celsius in the summer to 13 degrees Celsius in the winter. Visibility is above average here throughout the year; between 20 and 40 metres!

The Mediterranean waters hold an abundance of marine species with some of the highlight species being the Seahorses, which are most common in the summer, Moray Eels, Octopus, Starfish, Fanworms and different species of Rays. 

There are numerous exciting and impressive dive sites here which are bound to astound any divers. The photogenic wreck dive MV Kerala is definitely one of those, divers can get a snap of them descending down a set of stairs inside the wreck. The Blue Hole dive site is a true underwater adventure which takes divers through chimneys, tunnels, an in-land sea pool and through an arch. The Billinghurst Cave is a 50 metre long cave which is accessible to many divers and is filled with corals and schools of fish. The Inland Sea and Tunnel dive site is among the most popular dive sites here, with beautiful high cliffs that divers swim through and so much more. The dive sites off the coast of Malta are definitely ones that divers are definitely not going to forget any time soon. 

Best places to dive

MV Karwela is a 58 metre long tourist ferry which was sunk in 2006 to form an artificial reef and thrilling wreck dive, on the south-east coast of Gozo. It stands completely upright and can be penetrated from multiple entry points and is one of the most photogenic dive sites in the area. It does, however, lie between 30 and 40 metres so is for more advanced divers. 

Reqqa Reef is located on the north coast of Gozo and the most popular reef dive. There is a great collection of different things to admire here including a steep wall which drops down 60 metres which are covered in Sea Sponges and surrounded by schools of fish. There are chimneys, overhangs and caves, and species such as Groupers, Rays, Barracuda, Lobsters and Morays inhabit this area. 

The Blue Hole dive site lies off the coast of Dwejra and is a truly thrilling dive which takes dives through an in-land sea pool, tunnels, arches and chimneys and is accessible to divers of all levels. The dive ends at a flourishing reef, which is accessed through a long crack that divers swim through, and species such as Octopus, Moray Eels and colourful schools of fish can be spotted here. 

The Inland Sea and Tunnel dive site has been voted among the most spectacular in the Malta-Gozo region. It starts with a truly impressive scene: a 60 metre wide inlet surrounded by high cliffs and at the end of the inlet the light shines through in a unique way for a beautiful sight. The tunnel leads to a reef bottom with steep walls and species including Barracuda, Octopus and more. 

Billinghurst Cave is one of the longest cave dives in Gozo. It’s around 50 metres long, has its entrance at 3 metres and the maximum depth inside the cave is 30 metres. Divers should bring a torch to see the Red Sponges and Lace Corals which cover the walls and the schools of small fish which fill up the cave. The light which penetrates the entrance of the cave makes for a perfect photo opportunity. 

Xlendi Bay is a house reef bay which can be accessed directly off shore and a great dive spot for beginner divers wanting to explore the reef or who are doing their dive courses, or for more experienced divers who want to explore the channel which runs through this dive site. 

Other places to dive in Malta