Dodecanese Islands Diving

The Dodecanese Islands, Greece, sits just off Turkey's coast in the Aegean Sea and consists of 15 larger and 150 smaller islands. Come diving in the Dodecanese Islands through crystal-clear waters full of historical artifacts and unique marine life encounters. You are guaranteed spectacular views both above and below the water.


The largest and most populated of the Dodecanese Islands in Greece, Rhodes Island is the best location to base your Dodecanese Islands diving holiday. With fantastic visibility and thriving marine life year-round, Rhodes Island divers can encounter unique species such as basking sharks, tuna, and wild dolphins.


Diving in the Dodecanese Islands

Scuba diving in the Dodecanese Islands is an experience like no other. With incredible visibility up to 40 meters, you will feel like you can see forever. And with medieval castles, Byzantine churches, and ancient archaeological ruins, you will want to spend as much time exploring above water as you will below!

The three most populated Dodecanese islands are Rhodes, Kos, and Patmos, with Rhodes being the largest. These three islands are where you can find most of the Dodecanese Islands dive centers. With warm temperatures in the summer and mild weather in the winter, most of these Dodecanese Islands dive resorts are open year-round.

The strategic geographical placement of these islands near the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea offers Dodecanese Islands divers unique encounters with marine life not often seen in other areas of the Aegean Sea like tuna, wild dolphins, and the mammoth basking shark. 

Best places to dive


The largest of the Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes Island is a great place to base your Greece diving holiday. Most diving is on the east side and includes shipwrecks like the Plimmiri, small and large caves, volcanic rock formations, and white sandy bottoms.

Cave of Seal - You can find Cave of Seal just off Rhodes Island and are guaranteed to encounter a resident colony of playful seals. A fantastic dive not to be missed!

Kos Island

The volcanic background of Kos offers those scuba diving in the Dodecanese Islands fantastic underwater views of incredible rock formations and a wide array of Mediterranean marine life. 

Arki Island Complex and the N. Patmos Islets - Formerly used for military exercises, this area consists of 14 islands and tiny islets and is now protected as a permanent wildlife refuge. Greece established the Permanent Wildlife Refuge of Arki Island Complex & N. Patmos Islets in 2004.