Attica Diving

Projecting out into the Aegean Sea's crystal clear waters, Greece's Attica Peninsula is full of great dive sites featuring historic wrecks, interesting rock formations, and easy beach dives. Since the peninsula is home to Greece's capital, Athens, it is an excellent location to base your Greek diving holiday.


Athens lies at the heart of every Greek myth and legend. What was once the powerful empire of Ancient Greece is still a bustling city with a unique mix of popular culture and 5th-century BC landmarks. Athens is the perfect launching point for your Greek diving vacation with its international airport and central location.


Diving in Attica

Home to Greece's capital city, Athens has made the Attica Peninsula a busy landmass for centuries. With its central location in the Aegean Sea and extensive trade history, these waters offer many shipwrecks for wreck divers to enjoy. Some wrecks are shallow enough for beginning divers, and some are deep enough that only highly trained tec divers can visit.

Underwater photographers will also love scuba diving in Attica. The diverse underwater landscape, full of caverns, pinnacles, and wall drop-offs, provides a stunning backdrop for a rich array of colorful marine life. 

The peninsula is home to many well-established Attica dive centers that lead various dives from both shore or boat and offer dive courses in Attica for all levels of divers. 

Come explore where ancient history meets modern society in Greece's busy capital area and the treasures that lie in its surrounding waters.

Best places to dive

Athens - hosts a number of dive centers that will take divers to the nearby coastline full of historic dive sites and marine life.

Saronic Islands - Diving in the waters within the Saronic Gulf is enchanting, to say the least. Novice to experienced divers will get a taste of Greece's rich history by visiting many wreck dives and exploring the ancient amphora scattered throughout these waters.

Seal Cave - Do not miss out on this excellent dive. Seal cave is large enough to accommodate small dive boats and offers adventurous divers the opportunity to explore several smaller caverns within the cave. This is also a great spot to possibly see the endangered Mediterranean monk seal.

Limanaki Beach - This is one of the most popular sites for shore diving in Attica. Depths range from 2-39 meters and is home to the famous "pigadi," a hole ranging from 7-30 meters wide. 

Kyra Leni Wreck - This cargo ship sank in 1978 very close to Patroclos Island. This is a popular Attica diving site due to its shallow depth and relatively intact bow. This is a fun, relaxing wreck dive.

Makronisos Island - This small, skinny island sitting just off Attica peninsula's southern tip offers many beautiful dive sites. Around the island, divers can see an airplane and rocky reefs rich in colorful marine life.