Paphos District Diving

Located on the coast of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, the Paphos District has a combination of sparkling waters, ancient history and a variety of dive possibilities. Divers here can experience exciting caves, impressive swim-throughs, a thrilling wreck and a high abundance of marine life. This is an ideal location for divers of all levels.


Paphos is located on the Southwest coast of Cyprus and is surrounded by pristine waters filled with a high abundance of marine life which inhabit the unique rock formations and shallow reefs.


Diving in Paphos District

The Paphos district is a popular tourist destination on the West coast of Cyprus, with its coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. What makes this area so popular is that there is so much to see and experience, above and below the water. Above water, there are multiple historical sites to admire, while underwater there is a high variety in dives to explore. There are caves, caverns, wrecks, shallow reefs and a high abundance of marine life here.

The water temperatures here really vary depending on the season, from January to the end of April the water temperatures are below 20 degrees Celsius, while in the summer months, with August being the hottest month, the water reaches 28 degrees Celsius. There are options here for shore dives as well as dives from boats. Due to the great conditions, especially in summer, with pristine waters, this has been a popular diving destination for many years, which means there have been dive centres and dive resorts here in Paphos City, and surrounding areas such as Coral Bay, for over 30 years and it is an ideal location for dive courses. 

Best places to dive

Achilleas is a Greek cargo ship which sunk in 1975. It is located at 12 metres and lies upside down in three pieces, with many access points to enter and explore what she has to offer. This site has great visibility with an average of 30 metres. 

Amphitheatre Bay is a favourite dive site here, this is a shore dive which is named because the rock formations of this dive site resemble an amphitheatre. This site also harbours many marines species including Groupers, Moray Eels, Octopus and much more. 

The Stage is, not surprisingly, a part of the Amphitheatre Bay, the rock formations here let sunlight stream in, in a way that resembles spotlights on a stage. There are also large fields of seagrass which Sea Turtles often visit for a munch. 

St George’s Island is located around 4 kilometres off the coast and is known for its impressive wall dive on one side, a cave on the other and many schooling fish. 

Other places to dive in Cyprus