Kyrenia District Diving

A quaint, history-rich region on the north coast of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus provides divers with the opportunity for some relaxing but exciting dives in beautiful waters. From thrilling wreck to vibrant reefs to multiple marine species to unique topography, every dive will provide something exciting.


Diving in Kyrenia District

Kyrenia region lies on the north coast of Cyprus, with its coast on the Mediterranean Sea. This area is known for its rich history, picturesque towns and stunning landscapes, bordering crystal clear waters filled with exciting diving possibilities. Kyrenia City harbours multiple dive centres here as this is the main access point to all diving on the north coast of Cyprus. There are reefs, a variety of marine species from small to big, historic relics and an exciting airplane wrecks which is a unique experience.

There are multiple conservation efforts which take place here, including the protection of the North Cyprus Marine Turtle. The dive centres take this seriously and educate divers on the importance of marine conservation.

The temperatures here do differ a lot between winter and summer, the winter months, December to February means water temperatures of around 18 degrees Celsius and in the summer, with July and August being the warmest months, reaches up to a comfortable 28 degrees Celsius. Dive into history in these pristine waters!

Best places to dive

Four areas in the Kyrenia region which divers can use as a base for diving off this coast are Catalkoy, Alsancak, Lapta and Girne. These towns all have dive centres which will allow divers to visit the best of diving in this area. The dive sites here are all accessed by boat. Some of those dive sites include:

Plane Wreck is suspected to be a fighter plane from WWII but this has not been confirmed. The plane lies at a maximum of 24 metres and divers are able to really explore it for a unique underwater experience. 

Fred is a popular reef in this area due to the vibrant corals and high abundance of marine species including Sea Turtles, Groupers, Octopus and Nudibranchs. This is a shallow dive for divers of all levels to enjoy. 

Power Station is a dive site that has a bit of everything which results in a thrilling dive. There is a variety of topography here including pinnacles, caverns, a large cave and large boulders, all covered in colourful sponges. Due to currents and deeper depths, this is a dive site for more experienced divers. 

Other sites include Zephyros, Zeyko, Paradise and Ancient wreck. 

Other places to dive in Cyprus