Scuba Cyprus

Hacı Ali Sk, Kyrenia District, Cyprus

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  • Safety is our number one priority and we pride ourselves in training good and safe divers
  • Whether youn eed one item or a full set, all our equipment is available for hire to all divers
  • We teach official beginner, specialty and professional courses

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About Scuba Cyprus

Scuba Cyprus is the first and largest professionally run dive school and center in North Cyprus, offering a full range of SSI courses, fun dives, and private charter boat trips. Founded in 1990 by a group of friends, Scuba Cyprus has expanded from a small diving club to a large diving center and instructor training School, whilst keeping its family values throughout the years.

We offer diver's and non-divers alike a professional, safe, reliable and fun experience

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More Information

The island of Cyprus was a gift bestowed upon Queen Cleopatra by Julius Caesar as a token of his love. No more fitting a gift could be found for this sun-drenched jewel in the eastern Mediterranean, which is covered with the relics of ancient civilizations in a setting of incomparable beauty. Northern Cyprus is one of the few places in the world yet to be discovered by mass tourism.

When you step onto its shores it seems as if you have gone back in time. Uncrowded sandy beaches, picturesque villages, ancient castles, walled cities, ruins, quayside restaurants, and cafes are but a few of the attractions of this enchanting island. The climate and friendly people of the north, with the combination of its historical and environmental harmony, offers a holiday and consecutive holidays to remember.