Dalmatian Coast Diving

The Dalmatian Coast on the west coast of Croatia is a true representation of the best that the Adriatic Sea has to offer. Thrilling dive sites made up of caves, canyons and steep drop offs, combined with a collection of impressive wrecks, and all sprinkled with pops of colour in the shape of vibrant marine life. 


Reefs, vertical reefs, horizontal reefs, diagonal reefs, they are all in the waters surrounding the island of Brač off of the coast of Croatia in the North Adriatic Sea. These reefs are frosted with a high abundance of marine flora and fauna of every colour under the sun which result in impressive dives, each time. 


Dubrovnik, a city in Croatia mixes a rich history on land with a multitude of diving opportunities in the waters of the Adriatic Sea. Clear waters combined with every colour of the rainbow, an interesting collection of wrecks, some exhilarating rock formations including caves and tunnels and so much more!


Diving around the waters of the island of Hvar in Croatia means having the opportunity to play in and around the many rock formations and an endless amount of marine life of all shapes and sizes all submerged in clear waters for a vibrant experience. 


Hosting a cave dive which is among the 50 best dive sites in the world, reefs which hold every colour under the rainbow inhabited by a plethora of species ready to be admired by divers, wrecks, wall dives and so much more is what divers can look forward to when diving in Makarska, Croatia. 


If colourful marine life combined with thrilling rocky topography to swim past, over and through, submerged in clear waters, is what divers are looking for, then diving around the island of Murter in Croatia is definitely the place to go! 


Diving in the waters of the island of Vis off of the coast of Croatia means many different dive sites including impressive caves, multiple wrecks at different depths and all sprinkled with a large selection of vibrantly coloured marine species surrounded by crystal clear waters. 


Diving in Dalmatian Coast

The Dalmatian Coast runs along the south west coast of Croatia and borders the North Adriatic Sea. This region of Croatia has become an incredibly popular diving and tourism destination as on-land, the history is incredibly rich which can be explored thoroughly, while underwater, the marine flora and fauna is incredibly rich. Not only are there a large selection of dive sites off of the mainland coast, but there are also numerous islands which lie offshore of the Dalmatian Coast which have some stunning diving to be experienced.

Some of the main destinations which are visited but are also great gateways to some fantastic dives are the well known Split and Dubrovnik, then other locations such as Makarska, Brac Island and Korcula Island. These regions together make up where most of the diving is done. Other areas here which are absolutely worth a visit include Pag Island, Vis Island and Zadar. All of these places have their personal collection of experienced dive centres and/or dive resorts which are able to cater to a large range of divers and interests. Most of the diving here is done from speedboats, with exception of day trip boats and a few shore dives. The weather here is very seasonal but divers are able to dive throughout the year.

Croatia has a Mediterranean climate which means hot summer winters with a lot of rain. The air temperatures here range between a cold 8 degrees Celsius in the midst of winter and reaches up to 26 degrees Celsius in the summer. The peak diving season lies between May and September. The water temperature here ranges between 12 and 24 degrees Celsius and the visibility is on average good throughout the year and ranges between 10 metres and 35 metres on the best days. 

Whether divers are hoping to seek out the thrill underwater, or whether they just want to be immersed in a stunningly vibrantly coloured underwater world, it is all possible here. The Adriatic Sea is well represented in this region with its clear waters and high abundance of marine life, combined with wrecks, caves and drop offs to add some excitement to the mix.

Best places to dive

Vodnjack Kampanel is a dive site which lies off of port town Makarska and encompasses the word ‘beauty’. This dive site has some unique features including a bell tower which rises up between 40 and 10 metres and is absolutely covered by stunning Gorgonians. There is also a tunnel which is filled with marine life. This is one of those dive sites that will truly impress divers with the colours and amount of marine life to see.

Purple Bay is dive site off the coast of Brac Island and is made up of four steep drop offs. These drop offs are completely covered in vibrantly covered marine life including Sea Sponges, Sea Fans and a selection of Coral. Divers have also seen the Spotted Shark swim by here, which is a unique species. 

The Wreck Graveyard is located off of the popular diving destination of Korcula Island, and it is exactly what the name suggests; there are between 10 and 15 wrecks which lie within a small area; a dream come true for wreck dive lovers! The maximum depth here is 30 metres which means divers of all levels can admire this spectacle. 

Wreck Pajo and Island Ciovo Wall are two dive sites in one, a wreck located next to a marine life-rich reef wall, in Split. This 12 metre long wreck lies between 24 and 35 metres ad in combination with the coral wall makes for an exciting dive experience. 

Blue Lagoon, in Split, is one of those ideal, turquoise coloured water, white sandy bottom dive sites where divers can just go and enjoy the underwater world and admire the different colourful species which make this area their home while enjoying the calm water conditions. 

Maros Cave, off the coast of Dubrovnik, is an exciting cave dive which allows more experienced divers to really get a cave experience. Divers must enter one by one through a narrow opening which will lead them inside where there is a plethora of marine species to admire. The cave does lie deeper than 30 metres so it is only more experienced divers.

The Abyss, in Dubrovnik, is one of those dive sites that has a bit of everything; with coves, a reef wall, a cave which is lit up by sun rays and a small wreck, a lot of marine life and all at shallow enough depths for all divers to go and experience it.

Lokrum Island, in Dubrovnik, lies close to the old town and diving here is a unique experience as divers dive through a tunnel which leads to a lake in the middle of the island!

Other places to dive in Croatia