SSS Islands Diving

Diving in the SSS Islands of the Netherlands Antilles are three islands means divers will experience a combination of tropical island environments, volcanic underwater topography, wrecks, vibrant coral reefs and an exciting collection of marine life, all submerged in warm waters. All divers are bound to be satisfied here. 


Untouched by tourism and off the beaten path, Saba’s crystal clear waters offer healthy reefs and dramatic underwater topography for all dive levels. Plunging walls, pinnacles and underwater lava flows will take your breath away, as will the colourful reef fish, mantas, shoaling pelagics and whale sharks passing by.

St Maarten

A pristine island getaway offering warm waters and easy year-round diving, St Maarten is ideal for new divers who enjoy uncrowded and current-free dive sites. Beautiful reefs, wrecks and breathtaking rocky landscapes host a myriad of critters, diverse corals and fish, plus passing rays and sharks.


Diving in SSS Islands

The SSS Islands of the Leeward Islands in the Netherlands Antilles are made up of St Eustatius, Saba and St Maarten. These islands lie in the warm, clear, marine life abundant waters of the Caribbean Sea. These three islands are the less frequented and so less crowded of the islands, providing divers with a relaxing diving getaway. There are also some liveaboards which visit this region. Each island has their own handful of dive centres which cater to a wide array of divers; from those wanting to take dive courses and start their diving journey, to shipwreck lovers, to those wanting to spot the avid marine life, all the up to technical divers. The waters here are protected which has allowed the marine environments here to remain in pristine condition and attract a high abundance of marine life.

The three islands have a few things in common such as; they are all volcanic islands which means there are some impressive lava flows underwater, they all have some thrilling wreck dive sites and the reefs are flourishing. The three islands though also have their own unique elements; St Maarten has many shallow shore dives which are ideal for beginners, Saba Island has the highest chance of spotting Sharks and St Eustatius holds the largest wreck of the Caribbean.

The climate of these islands is warm and tropical, with air temperatures ranging between 28 and 31 degrees Celsius and the water temperatures ranging between 26 and 29 degrees Celsius which makes for a warm and pleasant diving experience any time of the year. The marine life here can be seen all year round as well with some of the highlight species including Sea Turtles, Reef Sharks, Rays and so much more. If divers are looking for a colourful, relaxing and also thrilling diving getaway, this region is the place to go. 

Best places to dive

St Maarten

Fish Bowl, in St Maarten, is accurately named as the waters are densely filled with colourful schools of fish. Aside from the fish some of the highlights here include a shallow arch which can be swam through, many Barracuda and a thriving reef. 

St Eustatius

Charles Brown Wreck, is the largest wreck of the Caribbean. It is 100 metres long, lies at 31 metres deep and has been submerged since 2003 to create an artificial wreck. It is still completely intact and divers can penetrate the wreck from multiple entry points for an unforgettable wreck diving experience. 

Drop Off, is an impressive drop off which drops down deep into the blue. The dive starts at a Sea Fan covered lava flow, then goes past the steep drop off and ends up at a thriving shallow reef. This is also an exciting dive for technical divers. 

Hangover, is a colourful reef which holds a lot of vibrant marine flora, a plethora of marine life including many schools of reef fish, overhangs and so much more.


The Pinnacles, in Saba, is an area with 5 dive sites which harbour spectacular pinnacles which rise up over 30 metres from the sea bed. This is the region to visit for those wanting to spot sharks, there are Black Tip Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks and Grey Reef Sharks. 

The Tent Reef area, in Saba, has 4 dive sites which are made up of a ledge, a steep drop off covered in an abundance of corals and sponges and the chance to spot Sea Turtles and Octopus. 

Other places to dive in Netherlands Antilles