St James Diving

Divers who are hoping to have a wreck diving experience, a cave diving experience, the opportunity to see Stingrays up close and to be surrounded by coral reefs made up of every colour of the rainbow should dive from St James Parish on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. 

Montego Bay

Diving off the coast of Montego Bay, on the north coast of the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, means becoming submerged in a lively and vibrant underwater world with an impressive collection of corals of every colour under the sun, fish and other critters including species such as Stingrays and Nurse Sharks.


Diving in St James

St James Parish lies on western side of the north coast of the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, in Cornwall County. This region’s gorgeous sandy beaches border on clear, turquoise waters that visitors can enjoy from above, and from below. The main locations from divers can access the many dive sites are from the dive centres and dive resorts in the capital city of Montego Bay. This bustling city is the gateway to the many different dive sites in the region which are bound to excite a large variety of divers. Some of the highlights include a plane wreck which has created its own artificial reef, Widowermaker's Cave which is a thrilling cave dive, the opportunity to get up close and personal with Stingrays and many flourishing reefs. 

It is possible to dive here all year round, but between June and September the conditions are at their best. October to May there is more chance of rain but it will very rarely impact diving. Due to the air temperatures being warm all year round, the water temperatures are between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The visibility is great overall with an average of 25 metres with reaching over 35 metres in the peak diving season.

The warm climate and warm, clear waters plus the high abundance of marine species, plus the vibrantly coloured coral reefs are bound to provide divers with an unforgettable, Caribbean, diving experience. 

Best places to dive

The Widowmaker's Cave is the most popular dive site in this region and it’s a cave which has been formed from a cleft in reef walls and it is a spectacular dive site. There is a lot of interesting rock topography to admire and also marine species such as different colourful corals which cover the cave walls and schools of reef fish which fill up the cave. 

Chub Reef is one of the shallow reefs which lies at 11 metres, so accessible to all divers, that just provides a bit of everything; a stunning reef, caverns and swim throughs, sandy bottom perfect for underwater photographers and a large abundance of marine species ranging from impressive corals and sponges, to large schools of Chubs, to the possible Nurse Sharks and Stingrays. 

Stingray City is a dive site where divers have the opportunity to come up close and personal to a school of Stingrays which is a unique and exciting experience. In the background of this dive site there is a high abundance of marine flora and fauna which create a beautiful background

The Sunken Plane wreck lies at around 20 metres and divers are able to penetrate and explore its insides. The plane has created its own artificial reef and is covered in Sea Fans, Sea Sponges and Corals and species such as Nurse Sharks, Stingrays and many more. 

Other places to dive in Jamaica