Samaná Province Diving

White sands and turquoise waters charm those at the surface, while rainbow reefs, coral pinnacles, energetic currents, sunken ships and tantalizing caves entertain those beneath the waves. Welcome to Samana Province.

Las Terrenas

From white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, submerge into relaxing coral reefs where you’re surrounded by kaleidoscopic corals and majestic turtles. For a little more heart-pumping adventure, experience vertical walls, coral-covered wrecks, energetic drifts and breath-taking submerged towers, all while listening out for the songs of humpback whales.


Diving in the Samana Province

The popular diving destination of Samana Province, situated on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, holds a wealth of diving adventures. The Atlantic Ocean is usually rougher than the Caribbean Sea, making many dive sites better suited to advanced divers, though there are some spots suitable for beginners.

Samana Province diving is typically done by speedboat, though there are a few operators that use catamarans, and liveaboard vessels often roam the area, visiting the best spots.

Areas frequented by divers include Samana Province Bay, Las Galeras and Las Terrenas, where an array of dive sites suitable for all skill levels can be enjoyed. Another incredible spot for divers that boasts pristine natural beauty is Farola Island, in addition, Cabo Cabrón National Park, where divers enjoy breathtaking topography and giant pinnacles, as well as all the thriving, colorful tropical Caribbean marine life. What’s more, manatee sightings are possible in Samana Bay, and on the south side of the Samana Province Peninsula are a few interesting wrecks, including the Dolphin, Barco Hundido and Jet Ski.

A once-in-a-life-time experience to be enjoyed is the humpback whales migration in the Silver Banks that occurs from December to April. El Dudu Caverns is also worth a visit, particularly for technical divers. 

The majority of sites that dive centers and dive resorts visit experience minimal current, allowing for beginners to enjoy entry-level dive courses in some parts. Though, it is often said that it’s a good idea to have or take an advanced certification to get the most out of scuba diving in Samana Province, in order to explore wrecks, deep waters, caves and currents.

Best places to dive

Samaná Bay, which separates the province from Cayo Levantado boats idyllic sites full of life, including turtles, rays and enormous barracudas. 

Las Galeras is ideal for novices, where just off the beach there are wonderful shallow corals waiting to be explored. La Playita, Madama and Frontón are all great beaches to start.

Piedra Linda, situated in Cabo Cabron is a giant pinnacle teeming with marine life. It begins are just 12 meters, and plunges to around 40 meters. Advanced divers can explore the darker depths, while those with less experience can stay shallow and admire the sunlit corals and critters.

Farola Island features sloping sands and reefs that gently descend to around six meters. Endless corals, gorgonians, reef fish and more patrol the entire area, which looks exactly like an underwater vibrant fairytale land of color. 

Another site named El Ferry is a great wreck site that is overflowing with creatures. trevally, sergeant majors, parrotfish and pufferfish are commonly seen. The vessel itself is in good condition, featuring a staircase, seats, propellers, corridors, ladders and an engine room. 

Las Ballenas Islands boast beautiful sites perfect for beginners, where tons of marine life frolics among rainbow-hued corals. Some of the favourite sites here are Cinco Metros, Cuevitas, Piedra Marcel, Corales and Creol Reef.

El Portillo also hosts fantastic sites, including Plaza Elena, Coral Garden and Ramon Plaza, all which host truly beautiful coral gardens decorated by a plethora of diverse species. There’s also the Dolphin Wreck to explore here.