Sharks Bay Diving

The secluded beachside charm and easy shore dives of Sharks Bay make it ideal for relaxing dive holidays tucked away from Sharm el Sheikh’s busier resorts. With sandy bottoms for new divers and deeper canyons teeming with reef life, there’s something for every diver to enjoy.


Diving in Sharks Bay

Sharks Bay is a dive site located off the coast of Sharm El Sheik, on the coast of the Red Sea in Sinai, Egypt. It is a shore dive site, which is unique in this area, and suitable for beginners who are doing their dive courses, but also to more advanced divers who want to admire the underwater life here. It is not a dive site to visit for large pelagic species or deep tec dives, but it has its own charm which everyone should experience.

Best time to dive

The Red Sea has pretty exceptional diving conditions throughout the year which is one of the factors which makes it so attractive for divers (alongside the vibrant colors and pristine life). The water temperatures vary between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius and the visibility between 20 and 30 metres. 

Types of diving

The topography of this dive site is ideal for courses; there are sandy bottoms perfect for Open Water divers needing to do their skills, and for certain Advanced Open Water dives. This site also has a canyon for deeper dives. 
Underwater photographers have so many macro marine subjects to capture here as this dive site is filled with plenty of small reef life. 
Sharks Bay transforms at night which makes this a fantastic option for a night dive site. Close to resorts offering easy access from shore. 

What to see

This is a well known dive site for night dives as some exciting species are spotted in the dark;  Hermit Crabs, Starfish, Squid and Cuttlefish. During the day you will spot the well camouflaged Stonefish and Scorpion Fish, at pinnacle divers can admire the Groupers, Mantis Shrimp, Moray Eels and Harlequin Shrimp. Divers might get lucky and see an Octopus or a Spanish Sea Dance run by. 

Best places to dive

Sharks Bay is its own dive site and is well known in the area due to it being one of the few from shore which still provides divers with a vibrant and relaxing experience.