Nabq Diving

A Marine Protected Area since 1992, Naqb offers pristine coral reefs, over 1000 fish species and hundreds of corals stretching across more than 600 km². Diving here will mesmerize you by the sheer volume of life around you.


Diving in Nabq

Nabq is an area of over 600 km² of protected marine area is located north of Sharm El Sheik on the Red Sea coast in Sinai, Egypt. Still considered part of Sharm El Sheik, this is the calmer part of the bustling city and attracts travelers who want to experience what the nature of Egypt has to offer, above and below the water. Due to it being a protected area since 1992, the area is thriving with over 1000 species of fish and hundreds of species of corals. The coral reefs stretch the length of the coast and divers will glide over these reefs and be entranced throughout the entire dive.

Best time to dive

What makes the Red Sea an even more popular diving destination, apart from the thriving underwater life, is the ideal diving conditions. Water temperatures range from 21 to 29 degrees Celsius. The visibility here can really fluctuate due to the fine sediment from the mangrove forests, so on windy days the visibility can go down, but on average will be between 10 and 20 metres. Divers can dive here throughout the year.

Types of diving

Nabq is the type of diving area for divers who want to come and glide through the clear waters and admire the well preserved, pristine, large coral reefs. It’s where divers can relax and just be immersed in what the Red Sea has to offer. Divers come to enjoy guided dives here.

What to see

Aside from it being a well-protected marine area, Nabq also has unique mangroves which grow in the saline waters. This variety of geographical environments also attract a variety of animal species. Some marine species even use the jungle like roots of the mangroves as their mating grounds. Divers can be entranced by the reef species which surround this flourishing reef. 

Best places to dive

Dive centres and dive resorts from Sharm El Sheik will visit this area of stunning, flourishing and healthy coral reef which has unique formations to continuously keep divers interested.