Naama Bay Diving

Sitting in the heart of Sharm el Sheikh, Naama Bay is perfectly situated for shore diving, day boats and liveaboard adventures to discover the wealth of Red Sea marine life just offshore. Whether you like sea turtles, coral landscapes or colorful reef fish, Naama Bay has it all.


Diving in Naama Bay

Naama Bay is the bustling heart of Sharm El Sheik and a natural bay located on the south of the Red Sea coast, in Sinai, in Egypt. There are numerous dive centers and dive resorts in this area and the dive site itself provides divers of all levels to enjoy the colours, and life, underwater here. This is the base for dive excursions, day trips and shore diving.

Best time to dive

No matter when divers want to visit the Red Sea, the conditions always allow for comfortable diving. The water temperatures hit their lowest in February at around 21-22 degrees Celsius and hit their peaks at 30 degrees Celsius. The visibility remains great throughout the year with the worst days being around 10 metres, the best above 50 metres with an average of 20 metres.

Types of diving

Due to the topography being from the shore with sandy bottoms, and that it is located in a protected bay, the conditions here are perfect for dive courses and for the type of diving where divers just want to enjoy, admire and glide through the water. This is also a popular dive site for night dives from the shore.

What to see

The topography of this dive site includes a stretch of Sea Grass, multiple coral pinnacles and a sandy bottom; a varied topography means a varied collection of marine species. Sea Turtles munch away at the Sea Grass and large Napoleon Wrasse glide by. The corals, fish and macro marine life which reside in these corals, are so vivid in color and the water here is so clear, that one of the most popular activities here is to take a glass boat and admire them that way (for the non-divers). 

Best places to dive

Naama Bay itself may be in the most popular, most buzzing part of Sharm El Sheik but underwater, divers will still have the chance to get away from the crowds and take in the colors and vibrant marine life with easy entry from the shore.