Sinai Diving

The Sinai Peninsula has something for every diver preference and experience level, with vibrant Red Sea life of all shapes and sizes. Whether you like bustling dive resorts, liveaboards or quiet beach huts, there’s something for you to enjoy at this world-class dive region.


Dahab’s incredible underwater landscapes attract new and experienced divers from around the world. Discover world-famous Tec dives such as the Blue Hole, a crack in the earth you can descend into and a maze of coral pinnacles.

Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh, a bustling desert city, framed by turquoise waters teeming with Red Sea life large and small. With numerous resorts and dive centres to choose from, you can enjoy shore, boat or liveaboard diving to discover Egypt’s world-class wrecks, reefs and more.


Taba’s peaceful coral ridges and seamounts are teeming with Red Sea reef life and swirling pelagics, yet there are no dive crowds. Whether you dive from shore, boat or via scenic Jeep and car rides, you can enjoy diving all day long in this stunning Marine Protected Area.


Diving in Sinai

The Sinai peninsula is located in Egypt, in between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. This is a desert area, which is the perfect contrast with the flourishing life that the Red Sea provides in this area. Sinai diving means variety, species large and small, atmospheres for each type of diver and so much more. Sharm El Sheik, the southernmost city in Sinai, is a popular resort and diving destination. An hour north you reach Dahab, a quiet, colorful town that attracts scuba divers, freedivers and snorkelers alike.

The next stop towards the north of the peninsula is Nuweiba. Beach huts, relaxation and connecting with nature, is what attracts people here. The last stop on the journey north along the coast here is Taba, the small but bustling town which is located at the border of Egypt with Israel.

There are also numerous liveaboards that operate in this area, and divers will never get bored or disappointed by the vibrant life of this region of the Egyptian Red Sea.

Best places to dive

Sharm El Sheik is the top diving location in Egypt. It runs on resorts and boat diving and there are some spectacular dive sites here. Sharks Bay dive site is well known as it is one of the very few shore dives here with so many fascinating corals, fish and macro marine species to be spotted. Offshore, there are a plethora of dive sites for divers to choose from, each with something unique to give every diver an unforgettable experience. 
Dahab is a small, vibrant, colourful town which attracts free spirited visitors who really want to admire the underwater world. Divers can swim through the impressive, flourishing, coral maze made up of coral pinnacles at the Islands diving site, dive to 120m in the famous Blue Hole or penetrate the earth, underwater, through a canyon, a literal crack in the earth. The dive sites here have thriving coral reefs, walls and pinnacles which are also home to a large variety of spectacular reef species. The dive sites here are all located just offshore, which gives divers time to also enjoy the really special atmosphere of Dahab. 
Nuweiba is a small town that attracts the laid back, sleep on the beach by the turquoise waters and under the stars. There are no big crowds here so the diving here is peaceful and allows divers to really glide past and fly over the colourful coral formations, the human sunk objects which have created their own ecosystems and the deep coral walls. Diving here is done from the shore. 
Taba, the most northern city on the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt right at the border of Israel, it may be small and underrated, but what lies beneath the crystal clear waters should never be underrated. There is a variation of topography in the dive sites here which is what makes them so intriguing; large table corals, a fjord and a large sea mound, and let’s not forget the assortment of rays which can be spotted here.