Marsa Ghalib Diving

The gateway to Southern Red Sea liveaboard diving, Marsa Ghalib has flourishing reefs and deep dive sites teeming with classic Red Sea life. Drift over seagrass beds at Marsa Mubarak to spot grazing dugong and sea turtles, or hop on a boat for the remote Southern Reefs and pelagic thrills.

Diving in Marsa Ghalib

A preserved area where the underwater world is as untouched as possible, which means flourishing corals and vibrant colours is Marsa Ghalib (Port Ghalib), located on the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt. It's a resort town located near Marsa Alam on the southern coast of the Red Sea. Even though there are options for divers of all levels to dive here, the large majority of diving here is deep diving and the maximum depth is 60 metres with an average of 12-25 metres. Most of the diving here is done by boats, either day trip boats or liveaboards, as opposed to shore diving.

Best time to dive

Throughout the year the water temperatures in Marsa Ghalib are warm and pleasant with temperatures varying between 22 degrees Celsius and 29 degrees celsius. This area is known to have the hottest night temperatures out of all of Egypt and during the months of June to September the climate is very hot and dry as it is located in the desert. The Red Sea is known for its great visibility so the beauty underwater here is always visible. The weather never reaches any extremes which would make diving here not possible.

Types of diving

The general atmosphere around diving in this area is relaxing and enjoyable as opposed to complex diving. The dive sites are all reached by boat departing from the port of Marsa/Port Ghalib and are all approximately between 15 and 30 mins from shore, so not extremely long boat rides. The dives involve drift dives over seagrass beds and coral gardens. Some dive sites do have a deeper average depth so are more suitable for advanced divers but for the most part, these enjoyable dive sites are accessible for all diving levels. This is also an ideal area for dive courses to be conducted. This is a top spot for anyone wanting to work on their underwater photography skills as there is an incredible array of photo subjects to capture while still enjoying a relaxing dive. 

If divers want to experience the Red Sea on a liveaboard as opposed to from a dive centre or dive resort, then this is one of the main ports that liveaboards depart from to explore the southern parts of the Red Sea.

What to see

There is a collection of beautiful marine species to spot here who are grazing on the seagrass and living within the coral gardens. There are Sea Turtles and the ever so unique and entertaining Dugongs who relax and feed on the seagrass beds, the Octopus and Crocodile Fish which hide within the formations of the coral reefs and the schools of reef fish which are a dream for anyone wanting to capture these rainbow reefs on camera. The large Napoleon Fish which swim by completely unfazed by your presence and a beautiful subject for any camera.

Best places to dive

Marsa Mubarak is located just 15 minutes to the south of the Port at Port Ghalib and this used to be a National Park Area. The dive site allows for a relaxing dive within a bay over a seagrass seabed where Sea Turtles and the elusive Dugong hang out and feed. You can drift dive over the seagrass towards the stunning coral reef. 

Ras El Torfa is 30 minutes from the coast this dive site does require a more advanced level of diving due to its depths. This location has gorgeous coral formations which are teaming with marine life and an absolute dream for underwater photographers. 

Marsa Shouna (Shouni Kebir) is one of those easy, breezy beautiful dive sites which is reached after a short boat trip from the port. It is a bay which is a seagrass plain which descends down to 40 metres. You can drift dive past this seagrass and make your way to the stunning coral garden here which houses Octopus, Crocodile Fish, Napoleon Fish and Turtles; enough to keep the dive exhilarating.