Makadi Bay Diving

Makadi Bay offers the best of both worlds, a relaxed, easy shore diving destination but with exciting offshore dives at impressive wrecks, deep walls and coral gardens. The waters are teeming with life, ranging from occasional whale shark sightings to vibrant schooling fish.


Diving in Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay is a smaller scuba diving destination located on the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt, close to Hurghada and Safaga which is why sometimes it is overlooked when it really should not be. It is one of the more calm and relaxing dive areas as it has not yet reached the hustle and bustle heights of areas like Sharm El Sheik and Hurghada. It is where divers come to enjoy one of the few hotels located on the small bay and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere above and below the water. There are not a high number of dive centres but enough to still be able to explore the dive sites which lie offshore here. These are the same dive sites which dive centres and dive resorts visit from Hurghada and Safaga, but Makadi Bay offers divers a much more low key experience on land.
Dive sites which are visited from Makadi bay include some impressive wrecks, some spectacular coral gardens and an assortment of marine life from reef sharks to vibrantly coloured, tiny Nudibranchs. This is a protected marine area and regular checks are done and the dive centres are environmentally conscious which helps the reefs here flourish even more.

Best time to dive

What makes the diving areas on the coast of the Red Sea even more special is that they can, essentially, be visited all year round. The weather in this part of the world gets very hot, but that is never a bad thing when it comes to diving. The water temperatures never drop below 19 degrees Celsius and can reach up to 29 degrees Celsius.

The visibility in the Red Sea is also great with an average of 20 metres, with the best days reaching 50 plus metres. There may be days where the wind picks up, but only in extreme conditions, which is extremely rare, would diving have to be cancelled.

Types of diving

The bay itself at Makadi Bay is an ideal location for dive courses as it is protected and so not often affected by winds. Offshore, there are gorgeous coral reefs which are reached by boats that the dive centers and dive resorts send out. There is a house reef off the bay which can be visited by divers, either with a guide or without a guide. The dive sites located offshore include drift dives, deep reef dives and wreck dives, so something for everyone.

What to see

This diving area will definitely increase the chances for divers to spot large and impressive species including Manta Rays, Whale Sharks and Dolphins. Even more likely, divers will spot Sea Turtles, Barracudas, Moray Eels, Tuna and Stingrays. For the divers who are more interested in the tiny creatures who live within the coral formations, there is enough to be found here as well.

Best places to dive

Sharm el Arab is located 15 minutes south of Makadi Bay. There is a wall from 2 metres down to 40 metres which divers can dive along and be stunned by the hard and soft corals and the collection of schools of fish which create rainbow coloured clouds in the blue of the sea. At the end of the wall divers will ascent to a coral plateau which is covered in table corals and here Barracuda, Tuna and Sea Turtles glide by. Even Dolphins have been seen here by the lucky divers. 
Gotta Abo Makadi is the epitome of finding that inner zen while admiring the beautiful environment surrounding you. Glide over the thriving coral reefs and appreciate the thriving marine life which will enthral divers throughout.