Cairo Diving

The bustling capital of Egypt, Cairo has dive centers offering dive trips to Egypt’s top dive areas. Whether you want to dive Roman ruins and over 7000 historic artefacts or discover flourishing coral reefs, you can do it all from Cairo.


Diving in Cairo

When travellers think about Cairo, diving is not the first, or fifth thing they would think about going there for, but there are definitely options. Cairo is the large, bustling capital city of Egypt and is located in Northern Egypt, but not near the coast. It has an international airport, so visitors from all over will pass through this city. Should they be based in Cairo but would like to either do their diving course or go diving for a day or two, there are dive centres here which organise these courses and trips. Booking a liveaboard trip in the Red Sea with a local dive operator is also an option from Cairo. Divers based in Cairo also have the opportunity to dive in the nearby areas including Alexandria, Ain Sokhna and a little further south in the famous dive resort of Sharm El Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula.

Best time to dive

The benefit is that all around in Egypt, the weather is always suitable for diving considering it is a warm climate with no frequent storms or rain, due to it being in the desert. The water temperatures in the diving areas around Cairo vary between 19 and 29 degrees Celsius.

Types of diving

In Cairo itself, there is no diving in the sea, but there are dive centres which offer dive courses in swimming pools. These dive centres also send divers to Ain Shokna, which is located around 120km east from Cairo, on the coast of the Red Sea’s Gulf of Suez, for open water training dives. More advanced divers based in Cairo that would like to explore diving around in Egypt can go on day trips to Alexandria to see the historical underwater artefacts, or head down to the Red Sea and enjoy the thriving underwater world there.

What to see

Divers have multiple options of what kind of diving and marine life they would like to see. If divers want to admire flourishing coral reefs, it’s colourful inhabitants and larger marine species, then they should travel down south along the Red Sea Coast to dive hubs such as Hurghada, El Quseir or Marsa Alam, or towards Sharm El Sheikh in the Sinai. Should there be history buff divers, then up North to Alexandria where they can swim through a magnificent collection of historic artefacts.

Best places to dive

As Cairo is not a coastal city some travel is required to access the best dicing that Egypt has to offer.
Alexandria, north of Cairo, is for divers who want to experience the history of Egypt, but underwater. There are around 7000 historic artefacts to admire.
Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh are the top two diving locations on the Red Sea which are the central hubs for divers to experience the thriving underwater world of the Red Sea.
Ain Sokhna is a small town popular with residents of Cairo, where many of the dive centers take customers doing their courses to experience the open water. The dives here are calm and easy going, perfect for beginners.