Northern Egypt Diving

Discover famed historical dive sites, where you can swim among over 7000 artifacts including ancient Roman ruins and WWII wrecks. Go freshwater diving in the middle of the Sahara or glide over thriving coral reefs.


The bustling capital of Egypt, Cairo has dive centers offering dive trips to Egypt’s top dive areas. Whether you want to dive Roman ruins and over 7000 historic artifacts or discover flourishing coral reefs, you can do it all from Cairo.


Diving in Northern Egypt

When travellers come to Egypt to go diving, then usually, the first thought is to go and visit the Red Sea and admire the flourishing coral reefs, the large variety of fish and other marine species living in these reefs, and the selection of larger marine species including large pelagic species. The good news is that Northern Egypt also has some diving areas and sites to explore. There are a few diving centres that operate in this area and can offer divers local historical dive sites, or even connect with trips running in the famous Red Sea.

Diving locations here include the historical diving sites of Alexandria where divers descend down into the history of this country, the dive centres in Cairo which offer dive courses and the relaxing dives at Port Said and Ain Sukhna.

Best places to dive

Alexandria is located on the North coast of Egypt on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. This is probably one of the top diving sites for historic diving in the world as there are over 7000 historic artefacts underwater here. This includes ancient roman artefacts and ruins, Cleopatra’s sphinx statues and wrecks and planes from WWII. Apart from the fantastic historic sea diving, there is also a freshwater dive in the middle of the Sahara for divers to explore which is also littered with history.
Ain Sokhna is a small coastal town located just 120 kilometres east of Cairo and is the chosen destination for dive centres in Cairo to travel to for divers doing their diving courses to do their open water dives.
Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and so has the largest international airport and is a top location to visit when coming to Egypt. For divers who do not want to commit to an entire diving holiday and want to keep Cairo as a base, the dive centres in Cairo will have 1 day or multiple day trips down the coast to Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada and or up north to Alexandria.
Two of the top diving destinations in Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, are also accessible from Northern Egypt with local dive centres offering excursions to these popular dive areas. Both of them are also top locations to start from and explore the surrounding areas and dive locations. These areas are known for the stunning dives of all types, but all accompanied by fantastic diving conditions, stunning marine environment and thrilling dives. They are excellent starting points into the magical world of the Red Sea Coast.

Other dive areas in Egypt